Although almost every business at one time or another would like a business loan, sometimes the banks are not co-operative in awarding them one. At times like those, many small businesses turn to Funding Wizards small business loans for help as they are often more accommodating.

Funding Wizards are more accommodating as often they will not need full credit checks to be carried out before approving a loan and that means they can award a loan faster than a bank, even if the bank was willing to award one. The fact that Funding Wizards do not need any collateral also makes them more accommodating for small businesses and they can award loans up to $200,000.

How this company can be more accommodating is because they do not rely on just one lender but instead have many lenders on their books and so are able to link up one lender with an individual business requesting a loan. As these lenders are already on their books, they can usually link a borrower to a lender within 24 hours, making the loan not only easier but also quicker.

Unlike a bank, there is no need to make appointments during a regular business working week, no appointment or interview is needed, just an application that can be filled out online at any time day or night. With a bank, a small business owner requiring a loan would have to make an appointment with the bank’s loan officer during regular working hours, taking the owner away from his already busy day and then that appointment alone may not be for several days, after which they would still have to wait an additional couple of days to hear if their loan has been approved.

This type of online banking requires only that an application is made out for a certain sum and stating which of several repayment options would be preferable. The business owner will then have to wait less than a day to learn if the loan has been approved of which 80% of loan requests are. This obviously allows a small business owner to make plans and be able to start those plans almost immediately, making the most of a possible beneficial timeline.

There are many different reasons why a business may need a loan, perhaps for expansion, making the most of certain current circumstances, increasing stock or perhaps renovations to their business property but these lenders are aware of the many diverse reasons a business may need a loan and are willing to help, offering many businesses the opportunity to become more competitive and have a better chance of success.

Many businesses would prefer that their financial history is not delved into too finely in order to be awarded a loan and Funding Wizards is one solution to that dilemma, requiring little if any delving into a business’s past financial history and certainly not delaying any loan decision due to investigating those finances. Any small business owner should, therefore, have the website close at hand as they never know when a business loan may be required.