Because your sentence hinges on the jury’s verdict, when you’re a suspect of a crime and have been charged, you should find ways to best present yourself in court. If the evidence against you is strong, based on your estimation regarding their usefulness, then you should at least look for opportunities wherein it would be possible for you to lessen your punishment for the mistakes that you’ve committed. Now, since you can’t openly go to the people whom you offended and insist that you’re willing to make amends, you should go to court and negotiate. On the other hand, because everything that you say in court may be used against you and you have to be careful with what escapes your mouth then you should contact a professional attorney to guide you and provide you with legal representation. Instead of taking matters into your own hands, you should be strategic and get help plus plan your actions in order for you to possibly have less severe penalties later on.

If you haven’t contacted a lawyer then you should as soon as possible, at least days or weeks before your trial, and that’s so your case could be evaluated and favorable methods to getting you less jail time and fines could be formulated. Instead of going for a random lawyer that’s provided by the government, you may want to literally choose an experienced one. This isn’t to say that public defenders are incompetent but you have to understand that getting a seasoned lawyer has its many advantages. One of the benefits of hiring one is being able to employ someone who has the right number and kind of manpower to research on your case. Besides that, when you’d seek the help of a private practitioner who is specialized in handling criminal cases, you could have someone who can give you clear ideas on how trials unfold and explain to you what possible options that you have based on your specific case. But, for practicality, it would be advisable for you to look for those who once functioned as district attorneys and then select one that you find competent and comfortable to work with. You have to understand that district attorney are powerful in court and they’re literally experienced in prosecution so hiring one is advantageous. A former DA can make you prepared for the possible tactics that the prosecution would use to give you severe punishment for your suspected crime. Plus, they’ve worked with the police so they know how to downplay evidence against you.

To be directed to a former DA who currently practices as a criminal defense attorney, you could try going to pages on the web like But, of course, you can also choose to visit the nearest law firm where you previous district attorneys are ready to help clients become defended in court. What’s important is that you work with an individual who isn’t only experienced and smart but also easy to talk to. After all, it would be nearly impossible to have the scales tipped in your favor when you’d take on problems with someone who won’t even listen to important things that you have to say.