Teeth And What’s in it

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Small calcified structures that are found in the jaws are called teeth. There are a number of substances found in the tooth. The first substance which covers the tooth is called enamel. The enamel is the hardest part of the tooth. The second substance is known as the dentin. Dentin is a connective tissue which supports the enamel. The third substance found in the tooth is known as the cementum. Cementum is a bone substance which is specialized to cover the roots of the tooth. The last and the softest part of the tooth is the pulp. The pulp is also a connective tissue which contains the nerves and blood vessels that connects the tooth to the jaw and other parts of the body. Teeth are formed when a person is still in the womb of the mother.

Your milk teeth are the first ones to develop as you are still in the womb. As you are born in this world, your milk teeth will surface at the age of six months or so forth. A total of twenty milk teeth are developed in the jaws of a person. The next one to develop would be your permanent teeth. There are a total of thirty two permanent teeth in your lifetime. The use of the teeth differs on the type of tooth. There are four types of tooth. First is the incisor which is used to shear or cut the food down. The second type of tooth is the canine. Canines are used for tearing food and at times aid chewing. It is also the longest tooth in the human mouth. The third type of tooth is the premolars. Premolars are used mostly for chewing and it is also said to be similar to the canines. The last type of tooth is the molars. The molars are the biggest teeth and it is used for grinding and chewing. These different types of teeth are made to work harmoniously with each other to aid in the mechanical digestion of the food.

The teeth can only be damaged if one is not taking good care of it. With proper health care, we could maintain the strength of the teeth. It is easy to overlook your dental care but it is never easy to repair the damage of the tooth. It is also very difficult to get the money out of your budget just to maintain your teeth. But yes, you do have to put out some cash and to save your last pieces of precious teeth!

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Overcome Odontophobia

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Fear is an emotion felt by a person whenever one perceives a threat. This fear could cause the person’s behavior to change drastically once the situation is encountered. While fear is a simple emotion which could be easily overcame, phobia has a different story. Phobia has a tendency to paralyze the person who experiences it. This hinders the person to continue with their decided agendas. Anxiety attacks the person whenever one is faced with the subject of their phobia. Some may say that it is really foolish for a person to panic when faced with their phobias but these phobias have their own underlying roots. One of the common phobias that are experienced by many is the phobia of dental care or also known as odontophobia.

Are you afraid of the dentist without any reason? Just thinking about going to the dentist freezes you and renders you shivering with an irrational fright? Well, this may be the severe fear of dental care or also known as dental phobia. Dental phobia has always have hindered some individuals from receiving the proper care for their teeth. Individuals are more likely to experience dental problems with the fear of dental care, may it be mild or severe. With the lack of dental care, these individuals may just tolerate the pains of having a dental problem due to their phobias. The distress of experiencing this phobia and the problems of your dental health impact your overall well being. To counter this common problem, number of dental health experts have been looking for a remedy or a treatment to induce for those who experiencing this problem.

Sedation has been a practice on the field of medicine especially when it comes to surgeries. With the use of sedatives such as propofol, etomidate, ketamine, fentanyl, and midazolam, the patient’s brain function is lessened. Sedation is also practiced in the field of dentistry. Most cases wherein sedatives are used are those with extraction and other surgical dentistry. Dentists find it easy to carry on with the procedure whenever a patient is sedated. Sedation calms the patients and controls the gag reflex which allows the dentist to move smoothly throughout the procedure. With the effort that is saved by using the sedatives, the dentist could accommodate more patients in a span of time.

Sedation dentistry is also used for those with phobias of dental care. To resolve the dental problem of a person with dental phobia, sedatives are used to calm them. Advantage Dentistry makes use of this technique and offers them to their patients with fear of dentists. To calm their patients, the dentists would introduce a sedative to the patient’s system. Advantage Dentistry chose to offer this to allow people with phobias the luxury to treat their dental health the best service one could have even though one is unconscious the whole time.

You could contact Advantage Dentistry via email, phone or simply visiting the clinic. Call Advantage Dentistry through this Best Dentist Kenmore phone number (716) 898-0316. Don’t ever hesitate!

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