If you have heard the term penny stock millionaire you have probably wondered if it is actually true that such a person does exist and the fact is that they do exist however, not all those people that invest in penny stocks are fortunate enough to become millionaires. Investing in penny stocks has been likened by some to gambling rather than investing and in some respects they would be correct. It is estimated that if you do invest in penny stocks you have a 10% chance of making money which of course means that you have a 90% chance of losing your money. Then of course nit all of that 10% that do make money become millionaires, it is just that they make some kind of profit as opposed to a loss. If you want to learn more about investing in penny stocks, Money Soldiers have a website that can better explain them and so you should probably start by looking at that.

Penny stocks though are stocks of newly emerging companies, ones that usually have a value of less than $50 million. The usual stock exchange, the one you always hear about usually only deals with what are known as blue chip stocks which are stocks of companies which are well established and often worth far more than $50 million. These well established companies are often in the news or perhaps even making the news but the smaller companies are rarely, if ever, heard of and so it is harder to learn anything about them. Added to that is the fact that in order for a company to offer stocks on the regular stock market, such as NASDAQ or the New York Stock Exchange must ensure that in order to keep to the rules of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) which oversees these stock markets, they provide at least a minimum amount of information about their company. As the penny stocks are not under the control of the SEC, they are not obliged to provide such information and so learning anything about them can be more difficult.

There are stock brokers that do deal with penny stocks though and so you could start investing in them, in theory at least, with as little as perhaps $50. As mentioned, investing in penny stocks is considered by some as being a gamble but with many forms of gambling, the rewards can be high if you have luck on your side. Some of the people that have been fortunate enough to become millionaires through investing in penny stocks may tell you that they had a strategy but will probably only give you the basics of their strategy and that often is not enough for to to become as fortunate as them. Of course some people look to invest in penny stocks in order to try and make enough to start investing in the real stock market in which case they may meet with enough success for that at least but even that is not a certainty.